Al Gore – Sex Poodle?

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Al Gore - Sex Poodle?

In 2006, former Vice President Al Gore was spending some time at a Portland, OR hotel when he thought, “Hey. It would be great to have a massage.” So, he hired an unnamed, 50-something masseuse to swing by his hotel room and work him over.

What happened next is the stuff of legend, or perhaps, pure fabrication.

Captain Planet had other motives besides relieving the tension. The woman, trained in some fairly unorthodox techniques, began rubbing his belly. Gore tried to convince her to rub “lower.”

The woman maintained her professionalism, and tried to discourage Gore’s sexual advances. He continued, and apparently became somewhat aggressive, causing the masseuse to proclaim that he was “behaving like a sex poodle.”

The case is bizarre. Not only because of the behavior, but because of the woman’s actions afterward.

She called the police and arranged to file a report and press charges, then canceled three successive interviews, finally asking the police to drop the matter as she was going to pursue a civil action.

Three years go by, more or less, then the woman calls the police again, in early 2009. She said she had physical evidence and wanted the police to pursue the matter after all.

Apparently, whatever she had for the police wasn’t enough, as the case was not pursued.

Why is this coming to light now? Somehow, the report leaked its way onto the Internet yesterday. Bloggers and the conservative media have been running wild with the story.

I’ve managed to obtain a copy of the report, which you can read here. (PDF File)

Before everyone runs amok snickering at the inventor of the Internet, here are a couple things to keep in mind.

1) We do love a good Democratic sex scandal, but remember Mark Foley and Larry Craig? Yeah. We have our own, too.

2) Far be it from me to call this unnamed woman a liar, but I question why she first arranged to talk to the police, then canceled. More importantly, at the first sign of sexual impropriety on the part of Gore, why didn’t she pack up her massage table and her oils and leave?

3) What made the woman want to pursue the case almost three years later? What possible physical evidence could she have, after all that time?

4) Lastly, why is this coming to light now? The woman claims she isn’t motivated by greed, but Fox News reported yesterday she is offering to sell her story … for 1 Million dollars.

I’m not a big Al Gore fan, and God knows I’m not a Gore apologist. I’ve enjoyed playing along on Twitter with the Gore hashtags (#AlGorePickupLines, etc.), but I think the above are some things to consider.

Just because a – so far – anonymous source claims there was sexual abuse doesn’t mean there was. And, there are so many things we can make fun of when it comes to Al, do we really need another?


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