Progressivism Is All About Individual Freedom After All

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From time to time, I wonder if I haven’t made a mistake. Maybe this whole “Conservative” thing isn’t for me. So I surf Google, looking for news stories and articles that will tell me whether I’m on the right track.

Thank God for the Huffington Post, and for Robert Creamer!

In an October, 2009 article about Big Government and Health Care, I found the following:

From the progressive point of view, government is critically necessary because it uses the common wealth for the common good – to make individual freedom possible – and to allow each individual to realize his or her own individual goals and aspirations. (Source: Huffington Post) [emphasis mine]

Whew! Saved. And not a moment too soon. Just when I was about to write off far-leftism as a tool by which government can control the individual, I find out I was wrong. It’s leftism that is the path to individual freedom!

Here’s proof!

Labor unions are all about freedom!

In the immortal words of Miss Gloria Gaynor, “I am what I am and what I am needs no excuses.” (Maybe they’re like snowflakes. Anyone know where I can get a haircut?)

Say, I bet the further left I travel along the political spectrum, the freer I’ll get!

I tried to find a good Chairman Mao quote on individuality. I couldn’t. Funny, really.

Maybe Communism is too strong. Let’s pull back a bit…

Sorry, progressives.


One Response to “Progressivism Is All About Individual Freedom After All”
  1. Funny and hard.

    Conserving the Sovereign Individual’s Constitutional Liberties in the Private Doamin or Progressing the Personal Constitutional Civil Rights equity and availability for All natural persons in the Public Domain is the other side to the coin.

    Anyway, Good Stuff. Not many poeple even look at the other side of the coin.

    But the coin seems double headed to me, all sets of leadership are in the Corporate Statism Bed.

    R. Reagan called Left and Right both doomed courses and called to a Center of Liberty.

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