Obama Addresses Nation on Gulf Oil Spill Disaster

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Tonight, fifty-something days into the oil spill disaster, the President of the United States addressed the nation in a speech made from the Oval Office.

If you haven’t watched the speech yet, I suggest you do so. Thanks to my friend, Angelia (“Knottie”), for finding it on YouTube just minutes after it was posted. Unfortunately, it’s in two parts, but maybe that’s for the best, after all. If you get sick of the rhetoric in Part 1, you can take a break before watching Part 2.

Part 1 of Obama’s speech:

Part 2 of Obama’s speech:

I’m not going to dissect the entire speech. I don’t have the patience to sit through the whole thing again and, quite frankly, the major news networks will do that better than I can. I do want to point out a couple of things, though.

1) The President insists the best minds have been working on the situation since the beginning. And yet, he completely fails to mention he has turned down help from other countries, including the Dutch, who offered help early on. The President fails to mention the Jones Act at all, and why he hasn’t suspended it for this special circumstance.

2) Never one to pass up an opportunity to advance his Big Government agenda, Obama uses this speech to acquaint us further with the idea of Cap & Trade or, if you prefer, Cap & Tax, by way of further “Green Legislation.”

While he claims he is open to bipartisan discussion, he also states what he won’t stand for is inactivity.

One has to wonder if Obama’s idea of bipartisanship will be similar to what was shown by Democrats during the formation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (dubbed Obamacare), where Democrats met behind closed doors, crafted legislation, then invited Republican participation by way of accepting the bill as is, with the lucky position of being able to add amendments.

3) Obama is going to hold BP accountable for paying for the oil spill and all related costs. Frankly, I agree with him on this. BP should pay. But, BP has said it would pay. That not being good enough for Barry, he is going to take over BP’s already established escrow account and put it in the control of a neutral third party.

First, I doubt the legality of doing this. Second, I doubt the morality of doing it. Third, I flat out disbelieve the President regarding his ability to do anything with neutrality.

In short, I find Obama’s speech to be nothing but a relatively ineffectual PR effort aimed at pleasing liberals and preemptively bringing conservatives in line.

Even anchors at MSNBC, the traditional bastion of liberal elite journalism, found fault, comparding Obama disfavorably to Jimmy Carter. Yeah, that one’s going to play well.

So, lots of lip service to what a great job “The Annointed One”, as Sean Hannity calls him, has done and is doing. Further government control of industry on the way, along with accompanying higher taxes. And, meanwhile, the oil is still gushing.

Thanks, Barry.

UPDATE: I just got this form email from Mitch Stewart at Organizing America.

Chris —

Tonight, in his very first speech from the Oval Office, President Obama addressed the nation on the BP oil spill and the crisis in the Gulf Coast.

Millions of Americans heard him lay out the path forward: Tens of thousands will continue to work around the clock to stop the oil spill and prevent further damage. The Obama administration will ensure that BP is held accountable, covering the costs of the clean-up and paying its debts to the people whose lives have been upended by the disaster.

The Gulf Coast will be repaired and restored for the people who call it home and whose livelihoods depend on it.

But, as the President said tonight, this is just the beginning — we need to ensure that a disaster like this never happens again.

The President presented a vision of a future where we as a nation are not held hostage by our dependence on fossil fuels — and a plan for an economy that invests in energy generated right here and creates jobs for millions of Americans in the process. Under his leadership, some of this is beginning to take shape — clean energy is starting to put people back to work across the country, building more efficient cars and trucks, repurposing old factories to manufacture wind turbines, and investing in research that will discover new energy technologies.

Critics will say that a real transition to clean energy is a challenge that can’t be met. But the President made it clear tonight that he will not back down — even if the path forward is not easy. And, as this movement has shown time and again, neither will we.*

Washington has put this off for far too long — now we must act. If you haven’t already, please stand with the President for a clean-energy future.


Thank you,


Mitch Stewart
Organizing for America

* Does this sound like fascism to anyone else but me? Um, yeah. Color me “doubtful.”

5 Responses to “Obama Addresses Nation on Gulf Oil Spill Disaster”
  1. emuleman says:

    I also watched the speech tonight.

    I really think he messed up by not accepting anybody’s help right after it happened, and he probably didn’t realize how much a nightmare this spill was going to become. I don’t believe in bigger government regulating everything, but I certainly think in this situation the US Government should have stepped up and worked in conjunction with BP to get this spill under control ASAP. To say that they have it “under control” and were going to take care of it was a big mistake on his part. He should have been looking out for the safety and livelihood on all the US citizens living on the gulf coast who will be affected by this for years to come. I think this speech was nothing more than damage control, and also had a side benefit to push more of his agenda.

    Thanks for another interesting blog Chris.

  2. bteacher99 says:

    So, is the issue not so much that Obama hasn’t done much about the #oilspill, but rather than he hasn’t done the right things (accept help from other countries, is trying to take over yet another company)? Or, is it that he himself has just talked while the Coast Guard searched and BP sent down a box and Jindal built retaining walls? I haven’t paid much attention to the “other side’s” POV on this until today. Is it ineptitude or inaction that is O’s bigger problem?

    • chrisisright says:

      Honestly, I’m a little behind on this issue as well, but from what I can piece together, it’s a combination of both. Apparently, there’s some website or contact number where people can leave ideas. Of the few people I’ve heard of who have done so, no one has heard back. Similarly, Obama’s administration has flat out refused help from other countries, some with more experience on these issues than the US. Nor has he yet talked to BP’s board.

      It seems that we 1) haven’t utilized all the knowledge and resources we could have, and 2) are now running around like an angry rooster who is going to lay down the lay in the coop. And by “we,” I mean The Anointed One.

      The left seems to be angry mostly that Obama isn’t showing the leadership of Jimmy Carter.

  3. Joseph Veca says:

    Here is a few other tidbits that should help put things in perspective about Obama’s slow reaction to the spill.

    1. Of all of the oil companies, BP was the largest donator to the Obama Presidential campaign
    2. The Bush Administration cited the Deep Horizon rig for safety violation
    3. The Obama Administration gave BP an award for safety for the same rig 9 months after taking office.
    4. BP is heavily invested in the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX)
    5. Obama was responsible for getting the Joyce Foundation (A Progressive public health foundation that is better known for being against firearm ownership) to provide start up funds for the CCX
    6. BP investment in the CCX is worthless until Cap & Tax is passed

    • chrisisright says:

      Thanks again, Joseph! I knew some of this, but not all. I didn’t know about the connection between BP and CCX. I did know oil companies, and BP in particular, contributed large amounts of money to Obama’s campaign. Very interesting!

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