Who is Clint Didier?

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Clint Didier

Clint Didier - WA GOP Candidate for US Senate (First Impression Photography)

I’ve been doing a very bad job of paying attention to local politics. For instance, I didn’t even know the Washington State Republican convention was this past Saturday, until someone tweeted it. That’s the danger of political activism online; it’s a whole world out there. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget to think locally.

When I took a gander at the Seattle Times this morning, I was pleased to note they had a brief article on the convention, and even more so when the article was titled “Tea party shows its strength at GOP convention.”

The article talked about front-runner, Dino Rossi, but mentioned someone I’d barely heard of, a former NFL player named Clint Didier, who is a Tea Party favorite and has the endorsement of none other than recent primary king (and queen) maker, Sarah Palin.

Great. But who is he? I did a little research.

Mr. Didier played for two NFL teams: the Washington Redskins (1982-1987), and the Green Bay Packers (1988-1989). He helped the Redskins win two Super Bowls. (Source: Wikipedia) Mr. Didier has roots in Washington; it’s where he grew up, on a farm near Eltopia. Since his retirement from football, the Didier family has returned to the area, and Clint now operates a family farm near Pasco. He also owns an excavation company, is active in local politics, and is a long-time member of the WA State Farm Bureau. (Source: Clint Didier for US Senate)

Aside from having ties to the community, Didier seems to have strong, core conservative principles.

“Those who say the Constitution is no longer valid today simply do not understand it is a set of established principles. Principles put in place to protect an earlier set of values spelled out in our Declaration of Independence. In football terminology, not following our Constitution would be like throwing out all of the basics of football and still hoping to win the game. Any football coach will tell you when his team begins to flounder and lose on the field; he turns them back to the basics. That is where America needs to go today – back to our Constitutional precepts.” (Source: Clint Didier for US Senate)

But where does he stand on the issues?

  • On the economy – “I can’t spend myself into prosperity.” Check.
  • On Healthcare – “The government has no place in anybody’s health care.” Check.
  • On Immigration – “The problem isn’t immigration. The problem is illegal immigration… We have enough laws on the books. We need a workable guest worker program.” O…K… Check.
  • On Government Growth – “We should limit government in its size and scope, as our founding fathers intended.” Yay!
  • On Foreign Policy – Support the troops. Get out of the UN. Believe in free trade, but NAFTA is not free trade. Wikipedia mentions this guy is an isolationist, similar to Ron Paul, and he does reiterate the views of Jefferson and Washington, who sought to avoid unnecessary “entanglements” in foreign affairs. He doesn’t give enough detail here to confirm the isolationist viewpoint, however. I liked what he did say.
  • On Energy – Drill. De-regulate. Investigate other forms of energy. Re-start Nuclear program. OK. I pretty much agree here.
  • On the 2nd Amendment –  “I am in full support of our Constitution. That includes the 2nd Amendment.” Mr. Didier is an NRA member. Check.
  • On Agriculture – “Taxes and regulation are destroying the family farm… 50% of our food supply comes from foreign nations. We’ve become dependent on foreign oil. Do we want to become dependent on foreign food?” Check. Check. Check. However, Wikipedia does point out Didier receives government farm subsidies, though small in comparison with his costs.
  • On Social Issues – Pro-life. Pro-traditional marriage. Hardly anything revelatory there, coming from someone who wants a GOP nomination.

And, Didier has made a pledge regarding taxation and regulation:

“Cutting taxes and over-reaching regulations spurs economic growth and vitality. That is why I have pledged — in writing — I will not vote for any new taxes, or any increases in existing taxes. We are all taxed more than enough! We don’t have a revenue problem; we have a spending problem.”

(Source for all the above: Clint Didier for US Senate)

It’s no wonder Clint Didier received such widespread support at the convention Saturday, outshining even Rossi. With Didier’s strong Constitutional and conservative principles, and his lack of a political legacy appealing to grass roots conservatives like the Tea Party, Didier is emerging as a very real contender.

Does he have the power to defeat the “Senator in Sneakers”, incumbent Patty Murray? I guess, as we approach the primaries in August, the first question is, do Washington state conservatives believe it?

I encourage you to click on the links above, visit his site, and decide for yourself.

One Response to “Who is Clint Didier?”
  1. My name is Schalk Leonard, candidate for US Senate. I am a retired Navy Judge Advocate (JAG) living in Poulsbo.

    http://www.schalk4senate.org is my platform.

    http://blogs.pnwlocalnews.com/schalkleonard/ contains several of my blogs.

    wwww.youtube.com – search Schalk Leonard provides a number of my campaign videos.

    I accept no money – American values trump private money.

    I believe that you deserve to Trust your Senator. I will share with you all lobby/special interest proposals and will accept no money from either.

    I believe America is something bigger than a property to foreclose on and make a buck, a share crop, or a garage business. I am the only candidate in the race who made a living defending the US Constitution, at sea, in the courtroom, and overseas.

    Clint Didier carries the Constitution in his pocket. Dino Rossi has never read it. I have lived it and believe in it.

    America deserves government that cares for her and her children. Not government that exploits her. Or mortgages her.

    We are at risk – and today, we need to get Americans back to work, get Americans healthy, drive insincerity out of government, and give you what you deserve, a strong Washington State that joins 49 other strong states in creating One Strong America!

    http://www.schalk4senate.org – please pass my name, my vision, and also … please help us pass the two old parties stuck in the ditch. The time is now!

    I recently retired after a decorated career as a US Navy Judge Advocate (JAG). I defended our great Constitution and her freedoms daily, at home, abroad, and on the high seas.

    I am also a small business owner in Poulsbo, and a professional Chinese translator for the US intelligence agencies.

    Please see my full platform at http://www.schalk4senate.org (and also http://www.youtube.com for a number of my campaign videos (search Schalk Leonard) … and Facebook (Schalk for Senate) …

    Health Care: with millions uninsured and costs going up and up, our Congress correctly decided something had to be done. The solution was not perfect, but it was a start.

    When your child is sick, when your parent is sick, you quickly realize – Health is Not A Business! Health is a matter of human survival. And the businessmen candidates and their calls to repeal are demonstrating their ignorance of the true crisis of medicine in America.

    We must do more. To make medicine a relationship between doctors and nurses and patients – and less a profit scheme by insurance companies and big drug makers.

    Deficit: In a recession, tax revenues fall dramatically. We have less and it will be this way until we start building and exporting again (see below). I will support responsible cuts in all areas. This includes the $700 billion a year military budget, review of our over 700 foreign military bases, and in particular, a move forward to empowerment of the states to assume the lead in providing services to their citizens, as was intended by our great Constitution.

    50 strong states = one strong country!

    Afghanistan: Afghanistan is not a proper war, it is not winnable as a war, and we must wrap up operations and come home. ASAP.

    We have now spent $1 trillion on the Iraq/Afghanistan conflicts. One thousand billion dollars spent. How much longer will you support this?

    I will support the full force of our judicial and police assets to root out terrorists, conspirators, and aiders and abettors of terrorism and we will try them in real courts with real juries and real laws. We have the best investigators and the best courts in the world. Let’s use them to get justice.

    Economy: as an expert on China, let me share with you a secret: our service-based economy will not grow again until we start reclaiming our manufacturing base. The old import and consume and discard economy is over.

    We need to create Special Economic Zones using federal lands, full tax breaks, lower regulations, and every incentive to create real jobs for Americans in America! We need to build in those zones and we need to export from those zones.

    The days of consumption-fueled growth are over. Let us remember how to compete again! Let us build again! And let us develop new, sustainable energy sources through incentives to our entrepreneurs instead of through mechanical programs like cap and trade. $1 trillion spent over the last decade on special incentives to innovate clean fuels – we would no longer be importing foreign crude oil. I intend to lead real growth, bold growth, not simply moan about the fate of small businesses in America. Look at the small businesses in your community – there is no economic basis for them to grow the numbers of jobs we need.

    Bush Tax Cuts: the true fact is – the Bush tax cuts made the richest 1% much much richer. Period. They did not create jobs. They did not generate growth. They did not make America stronger.

    America is not a tool to drive the enrichment of the richest 1%.

    If you are among the richest of the rich, you will certainly want to vote Rossi or Akers or Didier. If you are a proud American who believes in a strong America, you will want to vote for me.

    The days of exploiting America for the top-one-percenters are over! Vote Schalk for Liberty, Justice and Growth in America!

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