The 10 Biggest Dicks of the Leftist Media

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(NOTE: Please read my comment attached to the end of this post!)

Now that Right Wing News has published a list of the The 20 Hottest Conservative Women In The New Media (2010 Edition), and Liberty Pundits quickly followed with its list: Hot Men 2010: The Hottest Conservative Men, it’s time for a list for the rest of us.

You know, those of us who “bat for the other team.” Those of us who want to get right down to … business.

Unlike those other lists, I have no celebrity judges. Just me and my trusty ruler. And yet, I think I can get the job done. Without further adieu, I present to you the 10 Biggest Dicks of the Leftist Media.

10. Dylan Ratigan – of MSNBC and Twitter

Dylan Ratigan - Wikimedia Commons

The erstwhile host of the eponymous MSNBC show has plenty of opinions, and expresses them with fervent self-righteousness.

Mr. Ratigan, often critical of the current administration, has bizarre views. For instance, his latest “blog” post (as of this writing) was titled Break up big banks, now.

9.  Keith OlbermannMSNBC and Twitter

When Keith can’t be seen on MSNBC calling George Bush a fascist, or spitting into the camera with frothy rage at the incompetence and stupidity of all conservatives, he can be found tweeting, where he is affectionately known as #BathtubBoy.

8. Rogert and Twitter

Roger Ebert (Right) - Wikimedia Commons

Strictly speaking, Roger isn’t known best for his journalism, unless you count his endless years spent criticizing the artistic achievements of others. Of course, he also dated Oprah, so there’s that.

But Mr. Ebert expands, uh, expansively on Twitter about his leftist political views. (Mr. Ebert believes only hybrid cars should be allowed in America. He’s neat!) He also wrote the epic blockbuster, “Beyond the Valley of the Dolls.”

7. Jon StewartComedy Central

Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart - Public Doman

The famous host of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” dispenses his wit four nights a week, often lampooning or downright insulting conservatives, much to their chagrin. His favorite target: Fox News, which he loves to tell to “f*&^ off.” Stewart has launched the careers of Lewis Black, Stephen Colbert, and many others.

He also seems to believe the term “Obamacare” is on par with the term “Teabagger.” From centrist funny man, Stewart has swung to full blown liberal d-bag. Sadly, it seems his show is where most liberals get their “news.”

6. Rachel MaddowMSNBC and Twitter

Rachel Maddow - Wikimedia Commons

According to Rachel’s website, she loves “arguing with conservatives,” drives a “bright red pickup” and “dresses like a first grader.” She’s a Rhodes scholar with a PhD in political science, so you know she can be trusted, except when she purposefully misrepresents the truth and lies through her teeth. “But it worked.” And the liberal media idiots bought it hook, line and sinker. Still, Breitbart, O’Keefe and Giles seem to have jobs. Where is ACORN?

Plus, I bet she’s packing, which is why she made this list.

5. John AmatoCrooks and Liars

Sorry, ladies and gents, but no public domain or Creative Commons photos of Mr. Amato were available at the time of this writing. He’s that much of a big shot! (“John who?” I can hear you asking)

Crooks and Liars is a blog dedicated to exposing the corrupt conservative right, while abjectly ignoring all the corruption and insidious stupidity from the left. From Mr. Amato’s own keyboard:

“Progressive politics is the life blood of our country and I’m down for participating in the process and trying to get together with the people that feel the same way.”

“Down.” He’s sooo cool.

Sure, Mr. Amato, if by “life blood” you mean “death knell.” Not only is Amato’s prose full of flourish, but he employs highly respectable journalists, such as the beguilingly anonymous “karoli,” who recently blamed the INAFJ (I Need A Freakin’ Job) total non-scandal on Crooks and Liars’ favorite target, Andrew Breitbart. All based on a false identity and an absolute ignorance of US geography. Way to do your research, karoli! Way to pick your “talent,” John Amato.

4. Eric BoehlertMedia Matters for America and Twitter

When the MMFA’s senior fellow isn’t taunting conservative journalists and bloggers on Twitter, he is busy fellating George Soros writing scathingly insightful posts lambasting the conservative media. Eric has a fondness for pointing out “selective editing,” by which he means that something edited must be false, no matter what the left-in material proves (see his articles on ACORN and the IDF released audio of the “freedom flotilla.”)

When he can’t claim selective editing, he often posts articles or snippets of articles written by conservatives and highlights pertinent words, then makes sneering remarks about their veracity, often forgetting to include any actual facts.

Eric Boehlert is the original “sighs queen” and, in a very real way, is the reason for this list. Still, he didn’t make the top spot.

Every time I read a Boehlert piece, I think of the movie “Heathers,” and the word eskimo comes to mind.

3. Brad FriedmanThe Brad Blog and Twitter

I’m not even going to look for a picture. It can’t be pretty.

Brad is one of Eric Boehlert’s Twitter buddies. His blog contains real hard-hitting articles, such as “Tea Party Express II: Rise of the Tea Bags” (get it? It’s funny because “teabagging” is a sex thing! Tee hee hee. I’m four.) and “President’s Homeland Security Appointment Opened Door to Arizona’s Apartheid Regime,” about AZ Governor Jan Brewer’s “disastrous” immigration law.

You know, the law that is actually much stricter about asking for immigration papers than federal law, and which the majority of the country favors? Yeah, that disaster.

Still, tee hee hee, he called them “tea baggers.” What wit! What incisive genius. Maybe there’s room under Soros’ desk for Braddy, too.

2. Al SharptonThe Al Sharpton Show

Image by David Shankbone - Wikimedia Commons

You didn’t think a list of the biggest dicks could be complete without at least one black man, did you? (Oops. Was that racist? Or a compliment?)

The Reverend Sharpton, self-proclaimed modern king of all civil rights movements, has his own online radio show and, as such, is fair game for this list. Unfortunately, much of his site appears to be broken.

From “The Rev’s” bio:

“Whether running for President of the United States in 2004 or leading civil rights protests, Sharpton’s highly visible career began at the tender age of four when he preached his first sermon. A successful civil rights career soon followed helping Sharpton hold such notable positions as the Youth Director of New York’s Operation Breadbasket, Director of Ministers for National Rainbow Push coalition, and founder of his own broad-based progressive civil rights organization, the National Action Network.

Sharpton’s stance, in his own words, has taken him “from the streets to the suites” and his irrefutable impact on national politics has been applauded by both supporters and non-supporters alike. Sharpton continues to challenge the American political establishment to be inclusive to all people regardless of race, gender, class or beliefs.”

Shame about that whole Tawana Brawley thing. Oh, and encouraging the killing of Jews.

1. Rick SanchezCNN and Twitter

Did I mention killers?

When Rick Sanchez isn’t on CNN promoting Rick’s List, which includes the most intriguing person of the day and the list you “don’t want to be on,” Mr. Sanchez is busy killing innocent pedestrians while driving drunk. (A tip of the hat to MrSimpleSense, who originally brought this to my attention.)

Like many liberal “journalists,” Sanchez has no problem blaming violence on the words of conservative news personalities like Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity. Unfortunately, while words may hurt like a fist, they don’t hurt quite as much as a Volvo.

For this alone, Rick Sanchez is the biggest dick of the leftist media. Well done, Rick!

Don’t see your favorite dick listed? Add a comment and tell me why he (or she) should be.

7 Responses to “The 10 Biggest Dicks of the Leftist Media”
  1. chrisisright says:

    Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. If you’ve arrived at this particular post, chances are you got here thanks to Melissa of Liberty Pundits or Right Wing News.

    I’d like to publicly thank Melissa and RWN for providing a link. The traffic today has been amazing, and being a relatively new blogger (at least on this blog), I’m very, very grateful.

    I noticed they “cleaned up” the language a bit when they provided a link, which I fully support.

    Some of you may find this post offensive in its nature, and for that I apologize. It was not my intention to be offensive (well, except to the people on the list perhaps). My sense of humor is a bit sarcastic and sometimes a little naughty, as exhibited here.

    Most of my posts are not like this at all.

    I blog about social and political issues from a conservative perspective. While I interject a little emotion and personality, the language is 99.9% “safe” and I try to keep a mostly reasonable tone. If you were offended by this post, chances are you won’t be by the vast majority of what you read here.

    Kindly take a moment to look around. Being new, I could use the support of active readers. And, hopefully, some of what I write here will be new or interesting to you in some way. As always, feedback is extremely welcome.

    Thanks again!

  2. Holly Lamb says:

    Rachel Maddow makes a very beautiful man.

  3. Joseph Veca says:

    I know this was a top ten list, but when it comes to the biggest dicks in the liberal media, you overlooked Joe Klien of Time magazine.

    This is the idiot that called Glenn Beck “seditious” and conviently overlooks the idiot teach that called for Mexico to invade the US and take California back.

    • ChrisIsRIGHT says:

      You know, he did come to mind, as this list came out around the same time Klein’s comments were still “fresh,” but there were more than one of him, and I didn’t want to make the mistake of picking the wrong Klein.

      • Joseph Veca says:

        I can understand that, because we have Joseph Klein who writes for NewReal Blog, I can see where the confusion would exist.

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