Help Washington State Go Red in 2010

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Liberal politicians around the country are running around like chickens with their heads cut off, trying to figure out how to spend more of our money to stimulate the economy, slow down the ever-increasing debt and, simultaneously, level the playing field under the guise of “social justice,” which is really the new pseudo-American term of socialism.

Meanwhile, conservatives know you can’t solve the problems of this country using the very same methods that created them. Want to cut the deficit and the debt? The solution is easy: cut government spending. Want to stimulate the economy? Stop government interference in the free market and the over-taxation of businesses. Want to support freedom of speech? Stop government interference in new media and journalism.

Liberals don’t have the answers. We know this. So, let’s get rid of the liberals. It’s so simple!

On a national level, I expect a huge referendum against the far-left progressive agenda that now dominates the Democratic party and the Obama administration. But, Washigton State faces its own budget problems. It, like Arizona, has problems with illegal immigration. There is a huge drag on the state economy caused be entitlement programs, such as the state’s GAU/GAX programs (welfare).

The response from Olympia has been to raise taxes. From soda pop to bottled water, these so-called “sin taxes” are breaking the pocketbooks of the average voter, including the poorest among us, one nickel at a time.

It should be clear to all Washington voters that the Democratic party can’t solve the problems. So let’s give the conservatives a chance to do what they do best: run a business, balance a budget and stimulate the economy.

Here is a link to the Washington State Republican Party’s list of candidates running for office in 2010. Please, take a moment to visit the site. Learn the candidates. Visit their websites.  Contact them if you have questions. Regardless of your party affiliation, try to set aside ancillary issues and concentrate on the big problems.

If you do, I’ll bet you find there is only one solution for Washington State: vote conservative.

NOTE: If you are a Washington State conservative running for office, and you would like me to list or feature your website or campaign, please use the contact form and let me know.

I’ve taken the liberty of listing Paul Akers for Senate. From everything I’ve seen and heard, Mr. Akers is a great candidate with core conservative values.

One Response to “Help Washington State Go Red in 2010”
  1. Christine says:

    The only exception that I would make is for Mark Miloscia. I hope that he wins, despite the fact that he is a democrat.

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