Dear Sarah Silverman – Kindly Read a Book

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Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman -

Media non-entity Sarah Silverman recently ranted against conservatives, right-wingers, Tea Party activists and Fox News, claiming we were all racists.

I was unable to find a video, but I did find a YouTube clip with audio here. Listen to it before it goes away:

Let’s take Ms. Silverman’s statement apart, bit by bit, and see how it stands up to a little intellectualism, something Silverman is, herself, sadly lacking.

  1. Right wingers are not out there calling black people “niggers” or saying the Klan has good ideas. Instead, they’re questioning Obama’s presidency by accusing him of being born in Africa or being born a Muslim.
    1. Silverman is clearly unaware that Democrats founded the Klan. She seems to be blissfully ignorant of the fact that the only former Klan member currently serving in congress is a Senator from West Virginia, Robert Byrd, who is a Democrat.
    2. The same “right-winger” Republicans who are embedding “coded” racial messages in their opinions made Michael Steele president of the RNC. Michael Steele is an African-American.
    3. While it’s true that some conservatives have run with the “Obama born in Africa” straw man, that movement – the so-called “Birther” movement – was started by supporters of Hillary Clinton when she was running against Obama in the 2008 Presidential election.
    4. Yes, many people feel Obama might have Muslim tendencies. This is because Obama seems to favor removing all negative views of Islam from the American political dialect, but has no problems outwardly voicing criticism of Israel.
    5. Incidentally, Bill Maher – undoubtedly one of Silverman’s progressive heroes – recently said that Obama wasn’t black enough because he didn’t have a gun on his belt. Who, exactly, are the racists, Ms. Silverman?
    6. Barney Frank (D-MA) recently demanded, half-jokingly, to see the birth certificate of Charles Djou (R). Djou just won a seat in congress in Obama’s home district (Hawaii). Djou is a Chinese-American who was born in Los Angeles. Frank is apparently unaware that congressmen don’t need to be native born to hold that office.
  2. Or they’re having Tea Parties and calling Obama a communist and a Nazi.
    1. Everyone calls everyone they don’t agree with a Nazi.
    2. had a famous commercial where they likened George W. Bush to Hitler. Countless war protesters made the same comparison. Personally, I think comparing anyone to Hitler is insulting to everyone who suffered under the Nazi regime, unless that comparison is made of Stalin, but there it is; accusations of Nazism are part of American culture. Incidentally, Nazism is a far-left movement, not a far-right one. National Socialism: got it?
    3. People call Obama a communist based on his Marxist leanings. These have been well documented. His past associations with openly Marxist and Socialist politicians and community figures. His support of ACORN, whose head, Bertha Lewis, has admitted to being a socialist. While calling Obama a communist may not be entirely accurate or nice, it isn’t that far off, either. But it’s based on his political leanings, his love of government control of everything, rather than his race. Silverman fails again.
  3. The entire Fox News Channel is a 24 hour a day race engine, but it’s all coded. All implied. Lou Dobbs used to scream on CNN about immigration, not filthy Mexicans.
    1. Personally, I’ve never heard any newscaster on any network use the phrase “Filthy Mexicans.” I’ve certainly never seen it on Fox, which I watch almost all day every day. Maybe, if it happened at all, it happened on the radio. That certainly doesn’t justify it (again, if it has happened at all), but it’s hardly par for the course.
    2. Conservatives have repeatedly pointed out that we are not against immigration. We are against illegal immigration. The fact people like Silverman are unable to make this distinction says much more about them than it does about us.
    3. Fox News routinely has guests such as Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and NPR’s Juan Willams. In fact, Bill O’Reilly recently took a vacation and Juan Williams shared guest hosting duties with Laura Ingrahm. Additionally, Michelle Malkin is a regular feature on Fox. Fox has actual minority members on all the time and even employs them.
    4. Marc Lamont Hill routinely appears on the Fox late night comedy show, Red Eye. Hill is not only African-American, he is a professor of African-American studies.
    5. Glenn Beck routinely features the contributions of black Americans in the building of this country. He is the only news/opinion personality of which I’m aware that has pointed out such facts as: In Massachusetts, it was always legal for black men to vote and that there has already been a black Speaker of the House of Representatives (in the 1870’s).

Ms. Silverman makes the same mistake many, if not most,  liberals make: to falsely assume that because someone is white, and because they object to something a black man does, it must be because of the color of his skin, not his politics. If we were to follow this train of thought, then any black person who objects to a white president must also be a racist. Any Latino who objects to white conservatism must be a racist. But I bet she’s not willing to stipulate that. To her, I’m sure, only white people can be racists. Hey, Sarah! Take a look in the mirror.

Sarah needs to check out my blogroll for proof of racist conservatism. Or, she could check out the pertinent parts of this post. Why don’t you visit some of those good folks and tell them how racist they’re being?

But, while Silverman is clearly an ignorant, sub-intellectual half-wit, is she simply mistaken about everything she said, or is she purposefully perpetrating mis-information to further her own political and social beliefs?

Silverman is the typical liberal liar. She would like to direct dialogue away from the actual issues and to paint anyone who disagrees with her politically as a racist. We’re all sick of hearing that word, Sarah. It’s becoming as much a non-starter as the Nazi claim. Look up Godwin’s Law on Wikipedia if you’d like to see where the “Race Card” issue is heading.

But Silverman, displaying her true mental acumen, can’t even get her false accusations straight. Every single one of her points was not only misleading, but actually almost the opposite of the truth.

Silverman is a hack, a loser, a third-rate comedian on the fast track to being forgotten. She appeals to the stoner and crystal meth crowd who have nothing better to do than spend their welfare checks on drugs and sneer condescendingly at anyone who would like to do anything positive for this country, or for themselves. Consequently, this vapid bitch overestimates her own importance and, like much of the Hollywood elitist left, now thinks she’s qualified to offer social commentary.

She should stick to black jokes and Jew jokes. It’s what she does best, and frankly, she’s not even good at that. But what do you expect from someone whose most vital contribution to Americana is a video entitled “I’m F%^$ing Matt Damon”?

You know what, Sarah? Go f*^% yourself!

2 Responses to “Dear Sarah Silverman – Kindly Read a Book”
  1. Ronald Reagan said, “Facts are stubborn things”. The Left doesn’t want to hear the truth or the facts. They want to continue to scream anger and hatred at the Right. Americans aren’t in the mood for it anymore, nor do we believe it. Just ask the former and now bankrupt owners of Air America…

  2. JP says:

    re: 2
    You forgot to mention the Hitler/0bama posters are from a Leftist group. Larouche ( is a Commie pretending to be a patriotic Dem. has the Hitlerfied )0bama pic on it’s front page.

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