Proud Member of the Party of Know

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Party of KNOWThe other night, some brilliant twithead added me to a list of conservatives she hated, titled “Party of No,” with some idiotic subtitle I can’t even remember, but that clearly marked me as vile, evil and other possible anagrams using the letters V, L, I and E. I immediately blocked her, which removed me from the list. Hey, if you’re a liberal and you want to follow me, great! But I’ll be damned if I’ll be listed by leftists.

Read the Urban Dictionary definition of the Party of No (linked to above):

“The Party of NO! is a name the Republican Party earned as a result of voting NO on any proposal brought up in Washington by the Majority Democrats since January 2009. The G.O.P. is so twisted by hate for President Barack Obama that they refuse to cooperate in anyway with Democrats. They continue to vote against Democrats’ ideas while not presenting any good alternative ideas of their own.”

In fact, I recently heard a congressman state that approximately 85% of legislation passes the house and the Senate with wide, bi-partisan support. It’s only the contentious, big-ticket items that cause wide partisan splits.

Also, while this definition existed before the recent vote on whether or not to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” I’m going to mention the broad, bi-partisan support that bill got, too (even though I don’t necessarily agree on that one).

At any rate, when I was added to the “Party of No” list, I immediately tweeted back, “You’re spelling KNOW incorrectly.” Get it? Ha! And, for a full five minutes, my ego was so stroked by my own cleverness, I thought I was the first one to think of that. It never occurred to me what a basic pun it was. Much like a person who meets someone named Joe invariably says: Hey, Joe! Where are you going with that gun in your hand?

Fortunately, my conservative friends, who have no doubt heard “Party of KNOW” many, many times were polite enough to not mock me openly for being such an adolescent.

I think “Party of KNOW” needs to be widely broadcast as the correct spelling of the liberal smear. Take back the homonym!

As such, I’ve added my own definition to Urban Dictionary for “Party of KNOW”:

A more correct definition of the Republican party and associated conservatives, who KNOW government interference ruins businesses, promotes poverty and destroys American ideals.
Unlike people who use the “Party of no!” descriptor, conservatives remember history (i.e., which party freed the slaves. What party has a former KKK member currently in the Senate, and what party started the KKK in the first place).

Conservatives KNOW history, KNOW the constitution and actually value it.

Unlike the Democrats, of which Fred Phelps (Westboro Baptist Church) is a member, the Party of KNOW promotes true American ideals.”

I hate to keep pushing the “minority” thing, but it needs to be repeated. Unfortunately, in my haste, I actually called it the “Republic Party,” which makes me look like an idiot. Oh, well. it will probably be rejected as a definition anyhow.

I encourage you to visit Urban Dictionary and promote the definition (once it’s added), or contribute¬† a pro-conservative definition of your own.

In the meantime, here are some people who used the phrase “Party of Know” long before I “thought” of it.

It hardly matters who thought of it first. It’s a term that desperately needs to be coined, used and replaced in the collective American conscious as the correct descriptor of conservatives.

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