The Israel vs. Freedom Flotilla Debacle – Part 2

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Flag of IsraelIf you haven’t heard about the international crisis occurring around a “peaceful” flotilla bringing aid to the Palestinian people in Gaza, then you’re probably not reading this right now, because clearly you live in a home without any sort of access to any media whatsoever. However, assuming you’ve been living under a self-imposed media blackout for the past 72 hours, you can bring yourself up to speed here (make sure to click the links for the story behind my post/rant).

Since the boarding of the flotilla by Israeli commandos, who were viciously attacked by supposedly non-violent activists, much has happened. The international community has widely condemned Israel for what Turkish officials have dubbed a “bloody massacre” by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). There is disagreement, even in Israel itself, over the handling of the situation. Egypt, who cooperated in the blockade of Gaza with Israel, has lifted the blockade temporarily, allowing aid – and Palestinians eager to leave Gaza – to cross the border freely. (Source: AP)

Here are some things that the media either mentions only in passing (as if they’re not important facts), lies about, or doesn’t mention at all:

  1. Aid to Gaza is not prohibited by Israel: Israel didn’t demand the flotilla turn back. It demanded it proceed to the port of Ashdod where aid packages could be inspected before being turned over to Gaza.
  2. Gaza is controlled by Hamas, and Hamas is heavily supported by Iran whose president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has stated publicly on many occasions that Israel must be wiped off the face of the map.
  3. Where did these other aid ships come from? – The fact that other aid ships are already on their way indicates the organizers of the flotilla – the Free Gaza Movement – anticipated, at the very least, problems. It takes time and planning to organize such aid. Since Israel provided, repeatedly, a peaceful solution that would protect its borders and get the much needed aid to Gaza, I can’t help but wonder what the FGM’s true motives are.
  4. Free Gaza Movement has ties to Al-Qaeda – Obviously, FGM has ties to Hamas, but Israeli intelligence also believes the supposed human rights organization has ties to other terrorist organizations, such as Al-Qaeda. Additionally, the Turkish charity helping fund the FGM flotilla is believed by Israel to have supplied weapons to terrorists. (Source: BBC)

Since the initial incident, violence has broken out between Palestinians and Israel. Several rockets have been launched into Israel, and several Palestinians have been killed by Israeli retaliation. While this violence is regrettable, it begs a deeper question: If Hamas can’t supply Palestinians with food and aid, why does there seem to be an unending supply of rockets and ammuniation? One would think an organization so concerned for the welfare of its subjugated citizens would be thinking food, clothing, water first and ways to kill every single Jew alive second. But perhaps Iran won’t trouble itself to supply canned goods to Hamas, only materials suitable for rockets and suicide bombings.

Here comes the most troubling news and, I suspect, the real motive all along. Turkey, who has enjoyed reasonably close ties with Israel up until now, says that further flotilla ships attempting to break the Gaza blockade will be aided by the Turkish military. (Source: IBN)

Meanwhile, President Barack Obama has stopped short of an outright condemnation of Israel, but not by much. And the world is waiting to see how the US will respond. Will it come to the aid of its most beloved and trusted ally? Or, as tension grows between Israel and the far-left liberal administration in power in Washington, will Obama turn his back on Israel, leaving her to fight her own battles?

Many people, even those who support Israel, are calling the “Freedom Flotilla” incident a “PR disaster.” While that is obviously true, given the headlines I’ve been reading, there are much larger things at stake here than Israel’s reputation, which the entire Arab world and, consequently, the United Nations, has been attempting to undermine for decades.

Peace and stability in the mid-East region are at stake. And, ultimately, the safety of every single Israeli citizen.

It is time to make a stand. This situation, if provoked by Turkey’s military involvement in this misnamed “mission of peace,” could very well lead to war, as Israel will certainly defend itself and its continued blockade of terrorist nation supported Gaza.

If the world wants peace and prosperity for Palestinians, the solution is simple and clear: remove support for Hamas. Stop justifying the continued bombing and murder of Israelis. Force the Palestinian government, such as it is, to step down and pave the way for a truly peaceful regime. And, most importantly, stand with Israel.


For updates on the latest news out of Israel, read Haaretz.

For latest updates on this and other, related stories, please check out the site of the Jewish Internet Defense Force (includes links to videos of violence perpetrated by “peace” activists).

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