Remembering 1976

Recently, friends on Facebook have been discussing what it was like to grow up in the “old neighborhood.” It’s been a blast reliving those old memories, and we all agree how great we had it. Then, tonight, someone on Twitter (Dina Fraioli, a totally cool woman who, if you don’t follow her, you should. Right … Continue reading

Separation of Church and State, Garofalo Style

God Bless America

Self-styled intellectual, Janeane Garofalo, has struck again, giving an interview to the A.V. Club recently. I’m not going to bother dissecting her idiotic ramblings; they pretty much speak for themselves. Also, AWR Hawkins already did it on Instead, I’m going to address just one statement, because Garofalo makes the same mistake many self-styled progressives … Continue reading

Obama’s Healing Tonic

Texas GOP – True Conservatives or Authoritarian Jackasses?

UPDATE: Sunday – 1:00 PM – It was gently pointed out to me that the Texas GOP Platform is not necessarily universally endorsed by all Texas Republicans. She is absolutely correct. Let me state, for the record, that where I refer to the Texas GOP in this post, I’m referring to the governing body of … Continue reading

The Internet “Kill Switch” – Tin Foil Hat Time?

Internet networking sites have been abuzz with rumors that legislation is under consideration that would give the President of the United States an Internet “Kill Switch.” That is, the right to shut down the Internet at any time, or, if you are more reasonable, during times of war or impending/occurring cyberattack. Apparently, an unnamed Senate … Continue reading

NRB – Yay! June is Leftist Pride Month! Time for The Stranger to Ridicule Gay Conservatives

Read the complete post at NewsReal Blog Did I say Leftist Pride? I meant Gay Pride, of course. You know, that one month where oppressed homosexuals, completely devoid of any civil rights thanks to witless, anti-humanitarian Conservatives, are allowed to come out of the closet and meekly march down the center of every city and … Continue reading

Al Gore – Sex Poodle?

In 2006, former Vice President Al Gore was spending some time at a Portland, OR hotel when he thought, “Hey. It would be great to have a massage.” So, he hired an unnamed, 50-something masseuse to swing by his hotel room and work him over. What happened next is the stuff of legend, or perhaps, … Continue reading

The Problem With Civil Rights Groups

In 1969, police raided the Stonewall Inn in NYC, a bar frequented by many fringe groups, including many of the city’s poorest homosexuals. NYC had laws on the books outlawing homosexuality in “public,” including private establishments such as bars. The Stonewall Inn had been raided before, but in the early morning hours of June 28, … Continue reading

My “Official” Stance on Gay Marriage

Finally. People have been asking me about my opinion on gay marriage recently. I’ve written posts, here and elsewhere, about the issue and how the Left uses emotionally based rhetoric, such as claims of homophobia and bigotry, to drive a wedge into the debate and shut down opposition. But, until now, I’ve never stated my … Continue reading

Behind the Iron Curtain

In 1984, after I graduated high school, I traveled to Europe and spent a year as an exchange student in West Germany. West Germany, you say? Yes, young readers. At the time, Germany was still a country divided between East and West. The West was a free country, but the East was the province of … Continue reading

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