The “Freedom” Flotilla: Why Are There Any Liberal Jews Left in America?

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Flag of Israel

Israel, most vile and evil of all nations, has attacked a peaceful convoy of ships attempting to bring pro-Palestinian activists and much needed supplies to Hamas controlled Gaza, according to the New York Times. OK, so they didn’t call Israel vile or evil, but they might as well have. Everyone else is.

People have been following the story as it unfolds on Twitter, mostly supporting the news as reported by the Free Gaza Movement, who is one of the organizations supporting and participating in the flotilla itself.

Israel has had a blockade going for the past three years, since Hamas took over Gaza, and this is the “most ambitious” attempt yet to break it. According to the reports, Israel attacked the flotilla in international waters, completely without provocation, firing upon unarmed civilians and killing as many as 16. The numbers continue to grow.

If you were reading this as I write it, you could do a Google search for “freedom flotilla,” and watch the screen scroll as new reports of Israel’s inhumane actions are posted to the Internet.

That’s if you believe the leftist journalists. However, dig a bit deeper and the story changes slightly.

  1. The flotilla was attempting to maneuver itself so that it would encounter the Israeli navy on Monday morning, when the confrontation could be more easily filmed.
  2. When Israeli commandos landed on the decks of the flotilla ships, they were encountered by violent protests. There are confirmed reports of “peaceful civilians” beating the soldiers with sticks, and some soldiers claim there were activists wielding axes.
  3. A Free Gaza Movement leader informed the Israeli military they were unarmed, but stated their intention was to move forward until they were forcibly stopped. (Source:
  1. A later report quotes the Israeli Defense Forces as saying the engaging Israeli soldiers were met with “live fire and light weaponry including knives and clubs.”
  2. The IDF contacted the flotilla and requested they either turn back, or proceed peacefully to the Israeli port of Ashdod. The flotilla refused to alter its course.
  3. Israeli Defense Forces warned the flotilla that the activists would be arrested and returned to their country of origin if they proceeded, and that all aid packages would be given to Gaza after full inspection. (Source: New York Times)
  1. Here’s the full story, as taken from Israeli news source, Haaretz.

Hardly the act of a murderously immoral country, which is what the Arab world would have you believe of Israel. But, remember, the Arab world has consistently and repeatedly launched attacks on Israel via terrorist organization such as Hamas. The Arab world teaches that Israel, and all Jews, should be wiped off the face of the earth. The Arab world would have you believe the Holocaust never happened.

Once again, Muslim supporters are flooding American websites like Twitter to voice their protest against Israel. Anyone who supports Israel is made out to be a vile perpetrator of evil. In one case, a Jordanian woman compared an American patriot to Hitler, because he holds out for an Israeli victory.

And, these same idiots, the Muslims who hate America but clog our websites with their pitiful rhetoric, are now calling for a boycott of Twitter because their topic isn’t “trending.” Boycott Twitter, already. Boycott the US. Get off our web servers! If you were “in charge” of the Internet, do you think we’d even have a chance to voice our opinions? No!

Once again, the Arab world uses the freedoms granted it by the evil US to attack the free world from behind a cloak of Dark Age superstition and fear. Get your own Internet. I’m sick of your hypocrisy.

But, in my anger, I digress. If you’d like to read the anti- and pro- Israel stances being “tweeted,” you can click this link and follow along with the “flotilla” hashtag. Personally, I find it sickening.

Or, if you support Israel, you can follow along at this blog post, where a different, pro-Israel, perspective dominates.

Let’s return to the facts. Israel’s problem with Gaza is that it is controlled by Hamas, a radical terrorist group that, among other things, has in its charter the replacement of Israel with an Islamic Palestinian State. Hamas has launched repeated attacks on Israel, killing many, many people. Hamas and its rival, the Fatah party, have been at war over control of Gaza. (Read a brief history of Hamas on Wikipedia here.) Israel has had no choice but to protect itself from Palestinian sponsored violence.

Israel, in the “Freedom Flotilla” instance, has provided a peaceful solution that would allow the flotilla to dock safely and to get its much needed aid to Gaza. It’s the flotilla that has refused. Which begs the question, if getting aid to Gaza isn’t the whole point of the mission, what is?

The Arab world continues to rape, beat, torture and kill its women, refusing them education. It kills its homosexuals. It subjugates any citizens who are non-Muslim. It launches attack after attack on the West, meanwhile claiming its intentions are peaceful. It fights within itself, Shi’ite killing Sunni, and vice versa.

In its more peaceful incarnations, its religion is spreading throughout the Western world, demanding that cultures they invade weigh its traditions and religious law over the long-standing law of the land. It insists. It disrespects. And it cries foul whenever it doesn’t get its way.

Make no mistake. Islam is the most violent religious movement on earth, bar none. And Arab Muslims are the most violent faction of Islam. They will not rest until Israel, and the United States, are defeated and subjugated to Sharia law. They will not rest until Israel is wiped off the face of the earth. Israel knows this, and somehow Israelis are made out to be the evil ones for daring to suspect Muslim-lead activists bringing supplies to a terrorist controlled territory? How stupid does the Arab world think we are? Wait. Don’t answer that.

But you know what bugs me the most? That so many Jews in the US continue to identify as liberal. They throw their money into largely liberal civil rights organization, such as the ACLU, which has given preference to captured terrorists over American citizen. They throw money into a political party that is stepping away from support of Israel, and – more and more – giving preference to foreign, Islamic interests over the long-standing traditions of the American people and the history and tradition of Judaism in the United States.

We can’t display the Ten Commandments in public buildings, but how long will it be before quotes from the Qur’an take their place?

I’m not a Jew. I won’t call a Jew names for not supporting what I think are correct Jewish political values. That would be ridiculous. Kind of like a white person saying the President wasn’t black enough. (Can I pause here to point out the inherent hypocrisy of Bill Maher, who finds the “teabaggers” inherently racist, making racially stereotypical and derogatory statements about the same black leader we conservatives supposedly hate because of the color of his skin, or can you spot it for yourself? There I go, digressing again.)

But I have to ask my liberal Jewish friends, “Why?” Can’t you see it is conservatives who stand squarely with Israel? Can’t you see it is conservatives who stand squarely for respect of your religion and traditions? Can’t you see it is conservatives who are the only Americans willing to take a stand against the rabid spread of the most hateful philosophy known to man? Why aren’t you with us? We’re the only ones, possibly on earth, who are with you?

For right or wrong, I believe in Israel. I stand with her against any attack on her sovereignty and her borders. I stand against any group that would kill her citizens or wipe her from the face of the earth. And so, I stand against Islam, and everything it represents. I stand against Hamas, and its hateful agenda. And I stand against anyone who would attempt to turn the tables of logic and paint Israel as the enemy of peace.

I know better. And, quite frankly, so should you.

5 Responses to “The “Freedom” Flotilla: Why Are There Any Liberal Jews Left in America?”
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  2. kelliejane says:

    Thank for addressing the madness directed at Kurt.

  3. I, too, am totally puzzled as to why Jews generally love the anti-semitic, anti-capitalist, anti-family-values Left. It seriously confuses me. I hope they will wake-up before the next election.

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