Why You DON’T Mess With Adam Baldwin

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Adam Baldwin

Adam Baldwin (right) with Nathan Fillion in "Firefly" - (src Fanpix.net)

If you’re a Joss Whedon fan, like I am, you may not have run across Adam Baldwin until Season 5 of Angel, where he played the scary (and well dressed) conduit to the Senior Partners, Marcus Hamilton. Then, also like me, you were doubly delighted when Baldwin turned up again in Firefly, playing to perfection the ultimate comical badass, Jayne Cobb.

But Whedon certainly didn’t discover Mr. Baldwin. In fact, he’s been acting for decades and has played many, many roles.

But here’s something you probably don’t know about Adam: Don’t screw with him!

Oh, I’m not suggesting he’s a thug. Far from it. By everything I can see, Mr. Baldwin is a great guy and a patriot. I follow him on Twitter, for example.

But let’s take a look at the evidence.

Adam Baldwin is Tougher Than You

Here he is, kicking ASS in Full Metal Jacket as Animal Mother:

Can he do all those things for real? I don’t know. But the guy can certainly pull it off for a camera. Can you do that? Didn’t think so. Personally, if I were the type of person who wanted to test my metal against a tough guy, I’d choose someone else.

Adam Baldwin is Funnier Than You

His character in Firefly was so awesome, there was an entire episode dedicated to his … awesomeness. Unfortunately, I can’t find a clip online, but here is Adam, paying homage to the homage.

Lastly, and perhaps most important:

Adam Baldwin is Smarter Than You

Evidence? I’ve linked to his Twitter profile above. To date, he is the only person who has caused me to reference Dictionary.com to understand what he is tweeting about. Is he convoluted? No! He’s just that damn smart.

Additionally, Mr. Baldwin writes for BigHollywood.com. Here’s a quote from one of his more recent posts.

Tragically, such rhetorical abuse damages the appropriate use of the term – and leaves actual victims of “traditional” racism with a neutered descriptor that is quickly beginning to make the accuser sound like a whining name-caller.

“Neutered descriptor?” Come on, tell me you talk like that. You don’t!

There you have it. Baldwin is tougher, funnier and smarter than you (or I). Mess with him at your peril! (But interact with him to your benefit).

Currently, Adam Baldwin can be seen on the hit NBC series, Chuck. Don’t miss it!

9 Responses to “Why You DON’T Mess With Adam Baldwin”
  1. Traci Shinn Gage says:

    I’ve always liked Adam Baldwin, ever since seeing him in “My Body Guard” And he played a great oily-eyed alien on X-Files
    Then in SGSG1 he was fine. Haven’t seen much of him since.

  2. kelliejane says:

    Adam Baldwin is also nicer & more patient than anyone, ever. God as my witness. :-)

    • chrisisright says:

      I believe it! I normally don’t really care about brushing up with celebrity, but I’d love to meet Adam. Not only is he brilliantly talented, but just observing who he interacts with on Twitter alone makes me sure he’s the best of men.

    • Polly Hoar says:

      God isn’t your only witness KJ. A.B. is one of two celebrities to respond to something I’ve written without already knowing me. I’ve only heard one person (who I know actually knows him) speak poorly of him (and it was because of a political disagreement). In an age of TMZ, Twitter, and YouTube, I think that says something positive about his character (or at the very least, his manners. LOL)

  3. mysticonion says:

    Adam Baldwin is a lovely person and very very smart, infinate compassion and patience, and I have had the pleasure of interacting with him on twitter. He really understands people and makes you think. When challenged, he can back up his views and defend his faith, with evidence and truth. I’ve liked him since I first saw Full Metal Jacket many years ago when I was no more than a teenager and been an avid follower of his work as an actor and now an avid follower of him on twitter. I am attending a convention in a couple of weeks where he is expected as a guest of honour so that will be an opportunity to meet him. I’m looking forward to it.

    • chrisisright says:

      He seems to be the real deal, certainly. I’ve followed him on Twitter but so far the communication has been one way. The more I learn/know about him, the more I think he’s a great guy.

  4. Joseph G. Mitzen says:

    Do you still hold this opinion after his tweet summing up his opinion of Judge Walker’s Prop. 8 verdict? It was a kneejerk “will of the people” argument and probably shows he didn’t read the verdict or any of the trial but felt qualified to chime in anyway.

    As a major Chuck fan, I was disappointed and a bit saddened by the comment. I’d heard before that he was a smart guy, but as a first exposure to his legal accumen I have to admit I was far from impressed. I can only hope he’ll actually read the verdict and post a legitimate analysis at some later date that will redeem him.

    • ChrisIsRIGHT says:

      Why, yes. Yes I do. See, I’ve spoken with Adam. He is a thoughtful, intelligent and gracious human being. We have mutual friends and they all speak of him very highly. The fact he doesn’t please you actually bolsters him in my eyes, given your other opinions on my blog.

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