Why “Obamacare” Isn’t A Pejorative

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President Barack Obama

Barack Obama - (Pete Souza, The Obama-Biden Transition Project)

I’ve been hearing this claim for a while: that the term “Obamacare” is offensive to liberals. The first time I heard this was on The Daily Show, when Jon Stewart – while interviewing a founder of the Tea Party movement – objected to his interviewee’s use of the word and compared use of “Obamacare” to use of the word “Teabagger.”

Jon Stewart is an idiot.

If we’re going to make comparisons, let’s compare apples to apples, not apples to stupid liberal hypocrisy. Let’s look at the word: Obamacare. A nickname for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Who can remember that name? Obamacare is a much simpler name. It identifies the legislation, “care” short for health care, and the President who pushed it, “Obama.”

It’s so widely used, when you do a Wikipedia search for the word “Obamacare,” you are automatically directed to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Page (Look at the URL in your browser when you click this link.)

How does this comapare to “Teabagger,” a word that connects Tea Party activists with an obscure sexual act? Easy answer: it doesn’t.

Let’s compare it to another term. One that combines the name of the President responsible for the policy with the type of policy. To be fair, let’s pick a Republican example, just to keep those overly emotional liberals from crying fowl yet again.

The term is: Reaganomics.

Now, Reagan didn’t coin that term any more than Obama coined “Obamacare.” The major difference? Health Care Reform is supposed to be the most important bit of legislation to be passed by congress in, oh, EVER… if you listen to the liberals who support it. So why distance themselves from it? Why do they want to separate the current President of the United States (I still have problems typing that), with his most momentous achievement?

They should be owning Obamacare, the way the right owns the term Reaganomics, regardless of its origins. We’re proud to remember Ronald Reagan and to link him with what many consider to be winning economic policy. Proud! Are liberals becoming ashamed of health care reform now that it’s proved to be less popular then they imagined?

Maybe there’s another agenda at work here.

We all know the liberal press often accuses conservatives, and the Tea Party specifically, of racism every time any of us criticize the President. Because some jerk – once – held up a sign depicting Obama as a monkey (obviously racist, but hardly representative), the only possible reason we could have to put up any fight against Barry’s far-left agenda is the color of his skin.

So, by making “Obamacare” a pejorative, then any use of the term by the right becomes not a statement against the policy, but a statement against the man. A black man. Ta Da! We’re all racists again.

I’m calling fowl. Obamacare stinks because it’s bad legislation and quite possibly unconstitutional. It could be called Pelosicare, Bidencare, Reidcare or SuckyDemocraticElitistCare. I don’t care. But I do care that the legislation is linked in the minds of the voters to the man who pushed it. Especially in November.


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