Obama To Skip Memorial Day At Arlington – Why It Matters

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Graves At Arlington on Memorial Day

Graves At Arlington on Memorial Day (src: Wikipedia - Image Public Domain)

By now, you’ve undoubtedly read that our “beloved” President, Barack Hussein “I Hate America” Obama, will be taking a pass this coming Memorial Day Weekend. Rather than participating in a time honored tradition, the President feels it is more important to go on a family holiday to Chicago than honor America’s fallen heroes by placing the traditional wreath at Arlington National Cemetary.

To be fair, the President is attending some Memorial Day service in Chicago, or something. At this point, I’m so mad, I don’t even care to find out what it is. The point is, he won’t be where he should be.

Bill Clinton did his duty at Arlington every single year of his presidency. George Bush? 7 out of 8. “Aha!” you say to yourself (if you’re a liberal reader). But no. President Bush missed one year… to celebrate Memorial Day at Normandy.

So why am I upset? After all, not only have I never been in the military, but I myself was once one of those “war machine” hating liberals. Quite simple: I was wrong. And this is the exact reason I’m so mad at Barry. He is perpetrating a liberal distaste for the very heroes that made this country safe for the likes of him.

America is watching. And they’re watching another liberal thumb his nose at our heroes. Our young men and women so bravely fighting – daily, hourly, every minute – for our country, are watching. And their Commander in Chief is … walking away.

Our hallowed veterans are watching, watching to see how this country remembers their service by way of celebrating their comrades who were never fortunate enough to make it back home. Watching how they might be remembered, once they have passed on and are no longer with us. And the figurehead of our citizenship is going on vacation.

Our President should be the First Patriot. Instead, he is an arrogant man who disdains anyone who is more patriotic than he (which is practically everyone).

We can’t remember the names of all our fallen, no matter how much we want to. But we must remember their spirit. We must. For the President to so casually disrespect that spirit is for this country to take one step further from freedom.

But, like so many military men and women who were so shocked initially by this announcement – and have since changed their minds – I’m slowly coming to the conclusion that it’s maybe better he not attend. For such an America and Military-hating man to lay a wreath at Arlington would surely be the greatest hypocrisy. And maybe it’s better a superior American do the honors, even if he’s not the actual Commander in Chief.

Please, please, please. If you ignore everything on my blog. If you hate all of my opinions. If you discount my politics, my beliefs and my moral stances. Please click on the image below and read the post to which it leads you. Let a Gold Star Mom instruct you on the moral outrage of someone whose very son has made the ultimate sacrifice for this country.

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