Popular Liberal Myths About Conservatives (And Republicans, Specifically)

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Flag of the United States of AmericaMyth 1: Republicans are racist

  • The only (to my knowledge) sitting member of the US Senate who was ever associated with the KKK is Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia – a Democrat.
  • Republicans freed the slaves in the Civil War. Democrats fought for secession.
  • While black conservatives have twice (to my knowledge) mistakenly claimed Martin Luther King, Jr. was a member of the Republican party, Dr. King in fact had no party affiliation. However, his father was a registered Republican. In fact, most African Americans voted Republican until FDR. Dr. Alveda King, herself a noted civil rights activist and niece of MLK, Jr. explains here.
  • The KKK, while considered a right-wing organization was started by Democrats. It’s first incarnation was after the Civil War, and was started by members of the Confederate Army (Democrats, remember). Read about the KKK’s history here.
  • George Wallace, the infamous pro-segregationist governor of Alabama during the Civil Rights Movement was a Democrat.
  • Sadly, both parties must own David Duke.
  • In fact, the Republican Party has a long history of supporting civil rights, most specifically for African Americans.
  • Want to see some real racism? Read this.

Of course, there are racists in the GOP. There are racist conservatives and independents. And there are definitely racist liberals. But the history of rights for blacks in the USA is a history owned by Republicans.

Myth 2: Republicans Hate Poor People

  • Republicans span the spectrum from conservative to centrist. Republicans tend to be against what we call the “welfare state.” Increasingly, more and more Americans collect some sort of public assistance. The Republican view on this ranges from “some public assistance is good, i.e. Social Security for the elderly and the disabled,” to “all public assistance is bad.” Republicans tend to be of the opinion that people who can support themselves should, and that it is not the role of the government to subsidize the lazy. Many Republicans correctly point out that not all people on public assistance are lazy; some truly need the assistance. Some do not. However, Republicans are also some of the most generous private donors to charities. Of course, some liberals are also very generous. For example, famed businessman and philanthropist Warren Buffet. Bill Gates’ political affiliation is unknown, but many believe he is also a Democrat.
  • Republicans believe the best way to help poor people is by providing them with opportunity to help themselves. This idea is a practical application of the Confucius quote, which states “give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime.”
  • Republicans believe it should be the right of the private citizen to be generous, not the right of the government to be generous with other people’s money.
  • During Bill Clinton’s administration, Clinton took advantage of a booming tech economy to both lower taxes and reform welfare, working with a Republican run congress. Obama’s stimulus package quietly undid everything Clinton attempted to do with welfare reform.

Myth 3: Republicans Hate Gay People

  • It’s true that most Republicans are against gay marriage. So are most Democrats. Including Barack Obama. The Defense of Marriage Act, which formally described marriage as being between one man and one woman was signed by the President in 1996. That President was Bill Clinton, a Democrat.
  • It’s true that many Republicans oppose repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. This has more to do with the combat readiness of the troops than it does with liking or hating gay people. Incidentally, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was a policy of … Bill Clinton, a Democrat.
  • It’s true that many of the attacks on gay rights have come from far right wing conservatives (Lon Mabon, Focus on the Family, etc.) However, hating gay people is not a fundamental tenet of the conservative movement or the Republican party. In fact, there is an increasing number of openly gay conservatives. I’m one of them. Not all conservatives are accepting of gay people, even gay conservatives. Neither are all liberals. Those conservatives who are against gay people in general are simply more open and honest about it.
  • Fred Phelps, the founder of the Westboro Baptist Church made famous by its protests at the funerals of gay people (like Matthew Shepard) and US soldiers, because of America’s tolerance of homosexuality, is…wait for it…a Democrat.
  • “In his 1984 Senate race, Gore opposed a ‘gay bill of rights’ and stated that homosexuality was not something that ‘society should affirm’.” Direct quote from the Wikepedia page on… Fred Phelps, whose sons helped Gore’s campaign. (Search the page for “Support for Al Gore”). Al Gore is, of course, a Democrat.

Myth 4: Republicans Favor Free Reign For Business

  • Republicans, again, span a gamut of beliefs. They are, in general, in favor of fewer restrictions on business and on anything, because conservatives tends to favor the rights of the individual and think the less government interference, the better.

Myth 5: Republicans Are Anti-Government

  • Republicans favor smaller government, not no government.
  • Even Libertarians agree some government is necessary. They tend to be in favor of strict Constitutional interpretation, with little other government intervention necessary.
  • Only Anarchists believe in no government. They can be considered conservatives in the same way totalitarians can be considered liberal.

Myth 6: Republicans Are Mean

  • In fact, most conservatives are the nicest, most open, funniest people you’ll ever meet. They are friendly toward their neighbors, love their families and their friends. As do most liberals.

Myth 7: Republicans Hate Immigrants

  • Republicans are against illegal immigration. They are not against immigration in general. This purposeful misstatement of fact is a total fabrication of the left.

Myth 8: All Republicans/Conservatives Are White

These are just the myths that occurred to me off the top of my head. I can add to them, I’m sure. So, keep playing the racist/homophobic/classist card, Liberals. More and more, you’re being proved wrong.

5 Responses to “Popular Liberal Myths About Conservatives (And Republicans, Specifically)”
  1. alan says:

    Awesome post. And I’m one of those openly gay conservatives too. Nice to know you.

  2. Anomaly100 says:

    #6 is just full of desperation. Sorry, but kudos for trying so hard. For your edification, “nice” does not drift from party to party. It’s nonpartisan. I do find Republicans greedy as hell though.

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