Watching the Watchers – Draw Mohammad Day, Part 2

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So, no sooner did I put up my post about “Everybody Draw Mohammad Day” than I got the following hit on my blog:

Qubee is a broadband ISP in Pakistan, currently available only in Karachi. Probably a private user. What’s interesting is how they found my blog. There were no search terms caught by indicating how they’d got there at all. And they arrived practically instantly after I posted.

Then, about 24 hours later, I got my second hit from Pakistan:

This is from COMSATS, one of Pakistan’s top engineering universities, and also an international organization. This time, since it was the first hit of the day, it was easy to see they’d reached my site by searching for “draw mohammad day 20 may 10”. Interested, I entered the same search terms in Google and, well, I got tired of looking for my own entry after the 40th page of results. Google listed over a million entries.

Can you imagine? Some poor slob in Islamabad must have spent all day sifting through search results and visiting every single blog with an “Everybody Draw Mohammad Day” entry!

The rest of the story is that people all over the world have protested the day. Pakistan ordered Facebook to be off limits to its citizens after a group of lawyers sued to get the site blocked.

There are protest groups, people demanding the Facebook page be taken down, and Muslims all over the world absolutely insisting that we not offend them! In my search, I even saw one “peaceful” Muslim complaining about evil, godless Westerners and blaming Draw Mohammad Day on … wait for it … the Jews!

Of course, they’re using mostly American websites to launch their protests against “offensive” material hosted on other American websites, not once recognizing the inherent irony. You see, theĀ  freedom of speech that allows us to offend them is the same freedom of speech allowing them to register their outrage. They’re more welcome to protest us on our soil than to protest their own governments at home. Yeah, and we’re somehow the enemy.

Imagine if the US responded in kind and just cut off Pakistan from all of our internet services, domains and websites? Don’t want to be offended by us? Great! > click < Now you’re shut off.

Am I worried I got a couple hits from Pakistan? Of course not. The hits were probably innocuous. And, even if they’re not, it’s going to take them a long time to find me, if they go in order of search results, at least.

Lastly, thanks to a guy who goes by the nick “voodooKobra,” let me leave you with a link to a story that indicates why it is so important we take a stance against religious oppression now, rather than later. Read it and weep for the UK. It could happen here, any time.

Will you allow them to take away our puppies? Our puppies!

(Tomorrow, it’s back to the issues. I promise.)

One Response to “Watching the Watchers – Draw Mohammad Day, Part 2”
  1. Gary Rumain says:

    LOL! The stupid arselifters will go berserk over this.

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