Support Arizona Business As Seattle City Council Jumps On The Boycott Bandwagon

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View of Seattle From Capitol Hill (Chris Barnhart - 2006)

Seattle’s City Council voted unanimously to enact yet another tiresome, misinformed, liberally idiotic boycott of Arizona in wake of the new immigration law (SB1070). Of course, Seattle made an exception for the only existing contract it has with an Arizona company, which runs our city’s red-light cameras. (Read the full Seattle Times article here.)

The article goes on to talk about new lawsuits, filed by – surprise! – the ACLU – arguing the AZ law is unconstitutional because immigration enforcement is an area of exclusive federal authority.

Um, excuse me?

Isn’t this the same ACLU supporting medical marijuana laws in states like Washington? Yes, it is. And isn’t drug/narcotic policy and enforcement also an area of “exclusive federal authority?” (Hint: Think DEA and FDA). Of course, we all know the inherent hypocrisy of the ACLU and their far-left agenda, but this is a bit too much.

However, I digress.

As I’ve stated before, and will state repeatedly until it’s drummed into the heads of those too stupid to listen the first time: boycotting Arizona hurts the same people the boycott claims to be supporting. Namely: the workers of Arizona, many of whom are Hispanic, and here legally, if not actually born here.

I did a little digging online and came up with the following site:

AZB - Arizona Business Online

This is a great resource of online Arizona businesses. And, it links to the following:

There you go, Seattleites. And everyone else who doesn’t live in Arizona but feels the need to support AZ businesses in light of all these pointless boycotts.

Happy shopping!

UPDATE: I encourage you to contact the Seattle City Council and voice your outrage. Support legal immigration and Arizona’s right to take action when the federal government won’t!

ANOTHER UPDATE: May 30, 2010

Fight the boycott! Another great site to help shop AZ: Support Arizona Business

10 Responses to “Support Arizona Business As Seattle City Council Jumps On The Boycott Bandwagon”
  1. I support Arizona and i know alot of people who do , its about time someone stands up for what”s right for American . I am from Arkansas and what ever we can do to help just let me know because we are Americans and we stand together as one .

    • chrisisright says:

      Bless you, Delilah!

      I’ve updated the post with a contact page for the Seattle City Council. I encourage everyone infuriated with these types of boycotts to contact the councils of the appropriate cities and voice your opinion, whether you’re a resident of that city or not.

      Also, Governor Jan Brewer can be found on Facebook and on Twitter.

      Thank you for your support.

  2. The beauty of this is that Americans are getting a good look at the hypocrisy of the Left and how out of touch politicians of all offices are with regular Americans. Americans overwhelmingly support this bill. I would bet that no one on the Seattle city council has read the full text of the bill. They are typical liberals who vote with their emotions, not logic, facts or reason.

    • chrisisright says:

      I bet you’re right. And I didn’t even bother to point out the Seattle Times (in the linked to article above) also mis-categorized the bill as well.

      Fortunately, judging by many of the comments, the people already know better.

  3. johnny mitchell says:

    thanks for the information. I am an American who is black. I support the Arizona law. I will make it a point to support Arizona business. Imo, racial profiling isn’t the problem. Black people have been racially profiled for hundreds of years in this country.

    Even in recent years, black racial profiling hasn’t garnered this kind of attention. Now all of a sudden we care? Let Arizona do what is in her best interest. When I can go 2 Mexico without a passport or travel through mexico without proper papers, without being arrested, then and only then will Arizona law be unfair.

  4. Chris,

    Great post! Let your readers know about to help fight the boycott!

    • chrisisright says:

      Done! Not sure anyone is subscribing to the comments for this particular post, but I’ll leave your link in the comments here, and I also added it to the bottom of the post.

      Thanks for bringing my attention to another great site!

      • emptybus says:

        I think people should boycott cities, etc,. that are boycotting AZ. Why not start a list of cities, counties or whatever that are boycotting AZ and see if we can get other cities to boycott those cities, and get the public to boycott them as well. Personally, I think the whole boycott thing is ridiculous and should not be used by either side in political issues – it is bad for the economy and individuals’ businesses. However, the left has started this thing, and the only way to fight their bloodthirsty, self-righteous bullying may be to do it back – promising to quit when they do.

  5. Joseph Veca says:

    Having lived in King and Snohomish Counties until my move to Bakersfield CA in 2008, it is a little scary to see that not much has changed. I feel sorry for Seattle, Mayor McMumbles….excuse me McGin is someone who is way over his head. Nickles was a jerk, but at least he was a leader.

    There is one thing everyone in King County should be happy about. Ron Sims isn’t the King County Exec any more (he is unfortunately the #2 guy at HUD). But he would have the KC council voting to boycot AZ as well.

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