Richard Blumenthal – NOT A Vietnam Vet

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Richard Blumenthal at West Hartford Library opening

Liar, Liar, SOUL'S On Fire! (Photo Courtesy Richard Blumenthal vis Wikipedia)

There’s a special place in hell for people who claim to have served in the US Armed Forces and didn’t. In the deepest, darkest, hottest circle of that special hell, one might find Richard Blumenthal, the attorney general of Connecticut, now running for a seat in the Senate.

In 2008, while addressing a group honoring veterans, Mr. Blumenthal said the following:

“We have learned something important since the days that I served in Vietnam”

Except, as the New York Times reports today, Mr. Blumenthal never served in Vietnam. Firstly, when the NYT is turning on a Democratic politician, things are bad. Secondly, and much more important, Mr. Blumenthal misrepresented his military service to a group gathered to honor veterans, incorrectly and immorally claiming some of the honor he was bestowing for himself.

RedEye’s Andy Levy said it best on Twitter:

You are an utterly despicable coward who claims the bravery and actions of others as your own. Rot in hell.”

Mr. Blumenthal’s words and actions are despicable, regardless of party affiliation. The veterans of this country who have bravely served in wars, foreign and domestic, are heroes who deserve every bit of praise and accolades they can get. Vietnam vets doubly so, because of the horrible way they were treated after returning to the country for which they fought so bravely.

I can only imagine Satan greeting Richard Blumenthal upon his eventual death and arrival in hell. “Welcome home.”

(A hat tip to Andy Levy for being the first – to my knowledge – to tweet this.)

4 Responses to “Richard Blumenthal – NOT A Vietnam Vet”
  1. He also wasn’t the captain of the Harvard Swim team – another claim. And, he also took PAC money for his last campaign despite claiming he didn’t. He’s got a “truthiness” problem. He’d fit in the Senate quite nicely…

    • chrisisright says:

      Indeed. The NYT article mentions the swim team lie, but leaves out (as far as I can recall) the PAC money issue.

      Hopefully, this whopper of all lies will do some real damage to his campaign.

  2. Wow…. I didn’t even hear about this. That is crazy and obviously a slap in the face to every war vet. I read every post all the way down to this one. Good job man! You are a smart dude! South Park is one of those shows that I make sure to watch every time it is on…. I figured there was something going on, and heard things hear and there…. but I didn’t realize how huge this issue has become until reading your articles.

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