Christie/Brewer 2012 – OR Brewer/Christie 2012

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Take Back the Country 2012!I love the governors of both New Jersey and Arizona. As you know, Jan Brewer has taken “rogue” stances on immigration and education. The illegal immigration issue has plagued our country for decades, but the federal government has done little to nothing about it – neither Democrat or Republican leadership has availed to protect our Southern Border. Bless Jan Brewer for taking a brave step.

As the governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie has taken on the teacher’s union, and stands for smaller government and lower taxes. He’s a straightforward, blunt man and, in his own words, you’ll never have to wonder where he stands.

Speaking of “in his own words,” here he is, recently, taking on a reporter who has problems with the Governor’s tone:

Both Brewer and Christie have used their political power to take brave, bold, conservative stances and I applaud them for it. I would definitely support a Christie/Brewer (or Brewer/Christie) ticket for the 2012 Presidential election.

Given Governor Christie is a “man of size,” I respectfully submit the slogan for his Presidential campaign be: Elect Chris Christie – Too Big To Fail.


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