Why Can’t Eric (Holder) Read?

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He’s the Attorney General, and as a leading Obama ass-kisser, he’s jumping all over the Arizona Immigration Law’s constitutionality, by way of mentioning its inherent (and total factual lack of) racial profiling.

But wait, there’s a problem. AG Holder hasn’t actually read the law.

If he had, he’d know that racial profiling is streng verboten. In fact, the law actually provides fines for profiling. And the law has been revised since being originally passed to address issues and concerns with its original language.

Why has the Attorney General of the United States not read something (that’s 10 pages long) on which he has so many opinions?

Here’s another educational problem the AG seems to have: he doesn’t know against whom we’re fighting wars!

Yes, Mr. Holder, we’re at war with Radical Islam. Radical Islamic terrorists attacked this country, and continue to do so. Radical Islam threatened the creators of South Park. Radical Islam teaches hatred of the West, especially the USA, and everything we stand for. Like freedom. Like education for women. Like, oh, life.

Apparently, Mr. Holder has read neither the Arizona Immigration Law nor any security briefing from the last 20 years. Is he truly qualified to hold his job? How did he make it through law school with such lazy academic habits?

2 Responses to “Why Can’t Eric (Holder) Read?”
  1. “Don’t bore me with the facts, my mind is already made up”. He must not have been told that his job is more than spewing Obama talking points.

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