Is Elena Kagan Gay, A Socialist, Or Both?

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Herb Kohl with Elena Kagan

Supreme Court Nominee Elena Kagan with Senator Herb Kohl (D-WI) /Office of Herb Kohl

Mainstream media and the blogosphere have been abuzz for the last couple days with rumors that President Barack Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court might be gay.

The rumor first surfaced in a CBS News column a month ago, according to The Washington Post. The Wall Street Journal published a now (in)famous picture of Solicitor General Kagan playing softball in college. Eliot Spitzer, former NY Governor and famed whore monger, has come to Kagan’s defense, stating that he “did not go out with her, but other guys did.” I’m not sure Spitzer’s remarks help Ms. Kagan’s reputation.

Since then, there has been plenty of speculation and backtracking. She is, she isn’t. But here’s the thing: who really cares?

For one thing, it’s likely that whoever replaces Justice John Paul Stevens will be deciding the constitutionality of gay marriage in the USA, so a gay justice might presumably be biased on this issue. But so what? Kagan is also a woman, and it’s likely she’ll also be making decisions on abortion. Should we discount her because of that? There are plenty of women who are steadfastly against abortion. Of course, Kagan isn’t one of them.

The assumptions about Elena Kagan’s sexuality come from a combination of factors: she played softball, she’s unmarried, and she’s, well, dowdy. But, in the end, whether she is, or isn’t, isn’t our business. It’s how she will rule in matters of law that should concern US citizens.

Kagan is famously tight-lipped on the heavy issues. However, a memo has already leaked about her work on late-term abortion legislation while working as an aide for President Bill Clinton. And Kagan has a history of traditionally liberal stances, such as being pro-choice and her decision to disallow military recruiters on Harvard’s campus because of President Clinton’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy.

Certainly, the Solicitor General will be a liberal justice, and that is what conservatives should be concerned about, not her sexuality.

How liberal? Today, the conservative news site managed to obtain a copy of Kagan’s college thesis, which describes, and seems to support, a very pro-socialist stance.

Another socialist nominee/appointment by the President. But, oh no, he’s not a socialist himself! Perish the thought.

Conservatives should not sit idly by and let Elena Kagan drift through the confirmation process. They should fight tooth and nail for a more acceptable nominee. I’m tired of hearing, “Oh well. A liberal judge for a liberal judge. It’s not going to change the balance of the court.” The balance of the court should change. We need to fight for conservative values now.

Kagan is relatively young and would serve on the court for, potentially, decades. How much damage could she do to the country in that time? And people are worried she might be a lesbian?

2 Responses to “Is Elena Kagan Gay, A Socialist, Or Both?”
  1. It’s interesting that the liberals (CBS) brought it up first. Rumors were that Condi Rice is gay, but who cares? I don’t think I ever heard a single Conservative discuss it or care.

    We are all made up of our personal choices and beliefs, but the Constitution doesn’t always support the things we believe in or want. A good judge will understand that everyone can’t always win in this country because the Constitution limits the powers of the federal government to support the desires of certain groups. But, then, we don’t know if she’s going to be a good judge because she’s never been one.

    I think the Lesbian discussion is meant to distract America from the truth about her – which is that she has a resume’ thinner than Obama’s when it comes to being qualified for this very important job.

    • chrisisright says:

      You could well be right. I don’t give the liberals that much credit. I think it’s simply liberal men threatened by strong women, regardless of the political affiliation of those women. If a woman doesn’t have a man to answer to, then she must be a lesbian.

      Also, it’s amazing how often the gay slur is played by so-called tolerant liberals. If you follow Andrew Breitbart on Twitter (@andrewbreitbart), you know that the most common attack made on his character by libs is that he’s secretly gay.

      Apparently, in the leftist world, being a “strong” woman (a lesbian) or a “weak” man, is something to ridicule. Way to play to those stereotypes, lefties!

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