Our Colors Don’t Run!

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I know I missed the boat on this one by several days, but my blog wasn’t set up on May 5th so I’m addressing the issue now. Why? Because it pisses me off, that’s why!

On May 5, 2010, five students were sent home from Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill, CA because they refused to remove or reverse clothing bearing the flag of the United States of America.

Why? Because May 5 is commonly known as Cinco de Mayo, an obscure holiday in Mexico celebrated primarily in the United States to recognize Mexican heritage, largely by drinking a great deal.

The students were told that the clothing was “incendiary,” by the school’s vice principal. Is anyone surprised that this man’s name is Miguel Rodriguez? I know I’m not.

Now, hundreds of students apparently wore Mexican flags and the traditional Mexican colors of red, white and green. Which is fine. Celebrate your heritage. It’s a heritage that is uniquely yours, and if you choose, you have a right to be proud of it.

But, remember where you are. Remember why your parents, or your grandparents, or some distant ancestor sought out a better opportunity for your family than what they felt Mexico afforded them. Remember that, every day of the year, this is the US of freakin’ A. EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR!

California state law requires the American flag be flown at school every day.

We can celebrate being American while celebrating the wonderful history and heritage of Mexican-Americans. That’s kind of the idea of the United States, isn’t it? Aren’t we a melting pot?

These students were sent home, and as a result, several hundred Latino students marched to protest the display of the American flag, in America, by Americans. Because it was disrespectful to people of Mexican descent.

To put it bluntly… shove it.

This is your country, too, and welcome. But this is OUR (yours AND mine) country all the time. On St. Patrick’s Day, on the 4th of July, on National Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 19th!). Our flag is never out of place in our country, and if you think it’s disrespectful to be proud of being an American, then perhaps you should find somewhere else to live.

Our colors don’t run. And it’s an insult to every American – regardless of race, creed, color, gender or any other social grouping – to think that they should.

God Bless America

2 Responses to “Our Colors Don’t Run!”
  1. May 12 is “Flaunt the Flag” day. I bought my kids Old Navy Flat T-shirts yesterday that they will wear to school tomorrow. It’s never wrong to show your patriotism.

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  1. […] } In support of students who dared to wear clothing depicting the American flag on the 5th of May, A Facebook event has been created, calling all patriotic Americans to display the flag […]

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